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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

In the Kernersville, NC, Greensboro, NC, and Winston-Salem, NC Areas

A home is one of the most important investments you can make. Make sure the home you're buying is in tip-top condition by calling on the professional home inspectors at Exceptional Home Inspections. It is our goal to ensure that home buyers know about every single aspect of the home they are purchasing. Our team has 25 years of experience building homes from the ground up, so you can rest assured that we know what to look for when it comes to inspecting homes. You will receive a thorough inspection from our qualified, licensed contractors.

A comprehensive visual inspection of the 15 major systems of your home

Systems inspected:

Structural System

Columns / Piers

Exterior System

Wall cladding, flashing’s and trim
Entryway doors and windows
Garage door operators
Decks, balconies, stoops, steps, porches, and railings
Eaves, soffits, and fascias
Driveways, patios, and walkways, and retaining walls
Vegetation, grading and drainage in respect to the home

Roofing components

Roof coverings
Roof drainage systems
Skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations
Signs of leaks or abnormal condensation on building components

Plumbing components

Plumbing components
Interior Drain, Waste & Vent Systems
Hot water systems
Fuel storage and distribution systems
Sump pumps

Electrical components

Service entrance conductors
Service equipment, grounding equipment, main overcurrent device, main and distribution panels Amperage and voltage rations of the service
Branch circuit conductors, their overcurrent devices, and the compatibility of their ampacities The operation of a representative number of Ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, switches, and receptacles located inside the house, garage, and on exterior walls
The polarity and grounding of all receptacles within 6 ft. of interior plumbing fixtures, and all receptacles in the garage or carport, and on the exterior of inspected structures
Operation of ground fault circuit interrupters
Smoke detectors

Heating systems

Heating equipment
Normal operating controls
Automatic safety controls
Chimneys, flues, and vents
Solid fuel heating devices
Heat distribution systems
The presence or absence of an installed heat source for each habitable space

Air conditioning systems

Cooling and air handling equipment
Normal operating controls
Distribution systems
The presence or absence of an installed cooling source for each habitable space

Interior components

Walls, ceiling, and floors
Steps, stairways, balconies, and railings
Counters and built-in cabinets
A representative number of windows operated

Insulation and Ventilation components

Insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces
Ventilation of attics and foundation areas
Kitchen, bath, and laundry venting systems
Attic ventilation fans and thermostatic controls

Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Range(s), cook top(s), and oven(s)
Trash compactor(s)
Garbage disposal(s)
Ventilation equipment or range hood(s)
Permanently installed microwave oven(s)

A La Carte Services

Radon Testing

Did you know that it is estimated that radon causes thousands of deaths each year? Breathing air that contains radon can cause lung cancer. You can't see, smell, or taste it, but radon in your Greensboro, High Point, or Winston-Salem, NC home could be a huge problem for you. Conducting a radon home test is the only way to see if you and your family are at risk. There are simple, inexpensive ways to fix a radon problem in your home, but you won't know to use them unless you determine your home's radon levels.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging helps spot any hidden leaks, whether it's an air leak or a water leak. These leaks are difficult to spot when they are under floors and inside walls, and by the time they are visible, significant damage has often already occurred. Infrared thermal imaging helps you get ahead of any potential leak problems and save money in the long run. Thermal imaging helps us to see a bit more during our inspection, and for us to go a bit deeper into our inspection besides what is just visible to the eye. It is a worthy investment in your home.

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